Sunshine State Sampler

3.9"  x  11.6"   on 16/32 count fabric

Soak up the Florida sun. Enjoy the exotic beauty and wildlife while you learn the storied history of this sultry land. Sampler from Jeannette Douglas’ American Journey series.

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Sunshine State Sampler from the American Journey Series.  The southern state of Florida shines in this sampler. Bite into a delicious citrus fruit, and sip a drink on the beach. Exotic birds and sailing boats drift by as the sun shines down.

The sampler contains 20 bands, done in a palette of over-dyed silk and cotton. Many “specialty” stitches are used – there are diagrams and written instructions for all of them, making this design approachable – if you have patience (and Google), your initial skill level with specialty stitches will not be important.

Each band is described both in terms of how to execute the stitches, and in its significance or symbolism to the sampler as a whole. Jeannette includes wonderfully interesting tidbits of science, history and lore behind each subject. The rich inspiration of the sultry subtropics will enchant you as you stitch.  As Jeannette says,

It is a land of wonder and mystery beginning with Ponce de Leon, the Spanish explorer… His activities served to identify Florida as a desirable place for explorers, missionaries, and treasure-seekers… The name of Osceola… a Seminole war leader who refused to leave his homeland in Florida.

It is the simple natural beauty of Florida which draws people to visit. Miles of white sandy beaches, the Everglades with its alligators, panthers and birds, the Florida Keys with its coral reefs and sport fishing, and forests and natural parks… Florida inspires the desire to relax and soak up the sun!

Designed by Jeannette Douglas, © 2006.

Supplies Needed to Stitch “Sunshine State Sampler”

Stitched on 32 count Meadow Mist* linen from Silkweaver (2 over 2).

*Meadow Mist is not available. We recommend 32 count Ice Blue.

DMC Floss Weeks Dye Works Gentle Art
  • 310
  • 647
  • 712
  • 818
  • 3031
  • 3345
  • 3864
Mill Hill Beads

  • 42029
  • 42012
  • 42011
  • 03051
  • 03047
  • 03037
  • Saffron
  • Oak
  • Sunset
  • Lilac
  • Crepe Myrtle
  • Kudzu
  • Clam Shell
  • Aztec Red
  • Cocoa
  • Sea Foam

By Jupiter Charms

  • 12072 AS Shell
  • 80042 AS Anchor
  • 12128 AS Palm Trees (2)
  • 80169 AS Starfish
  • 80049 AS Dolphin

Needle Necessities

  • 1532 Nickelodeon
Sampler Threads

  • Hibiscus
  • Shutter Green



12-ply Silk

  • 90 Orange Soda
  • 68 Caribbean Sea
  • 83 Blossoms
  • 19 Tropical Sea
  • 96 Summer Foliage
  • 100 Miami Deco


Blending Filament

  • 032 Pearl

There are no known corrections to this pattern. If you suspect an error, please contact Jeannette Douglas.

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Stitch Count62 w x 185 h
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