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Ankle Surgery

THANKSGIVING UPDATE: Surgery went very well! I am approved to walk in a walking boot! I will be “flying” through orders over the next week at the top speed my foot allows. If you’re waiting for an order or an update you will have one within a week. So thankful for the surgeon who did a wonderful job on my ankle, and for a speedier-than-expected recovery!

I have a broken ankle – not very much fun. I am having surgery on it Thursday, November 10.

I will have help to keep orders, etc. going out during my recovery, but there will be some delays to “typical” timing.

As you can imagine, I am not getting around the fastest. New orders are taking around 10 days to ship. Believe me, I’m not happy about it either.

After surgery I will need to stay off my foot for about 2 weeks. My mother-in-law will be helping out during this time, and she is wonderful, but of course she does not know the inventory or the systems the way I do. Please be patient with us through the coming weeks.

We should be full-strength again by January.

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