Caron Waterlilies

Luxurious hand-dyed silk.

Soft and creamy texture
6-yard skeins
12-ply 100% silk
Dyed in the U.S.A.

A twelve-ply hand-dyed variegated silk.

Waterlilies give a subtle sheen when stitched and have particularly good light reflection qualities. Use a single ply for very fine work or as many plies as necessary to suit stitch and ground fabric. Many of the colors match Watercolours and Wildflowers, but because the silk fibers take the dye differently, they may be more subdued.

Each skein is hand-dyed and may include 2 to 7 colors. Dyed by hand in small batches, each skein is unique, and there may be some variation between dye lots.

Hand-wash only, and test with a small amount of thread before washing. Waterlilies threads are dyed using environmentally-friendly dyes and techniques. While most colors are practically permanent, some reds and dark colors may bleed slightly during washing. Test first!

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Showing 1–12 of 270 results