Sullivans Floss

Sullivans Cotton Embroidery Floss

100% long staple Egyptian cotton
Won't leave fluff or residue when pulling stitches
Colorfast and fade resistant
Tangle free
8.7 yd 6-strand skeins

This floss has been enhanced and perfected to top quality. Needle artists will be pleased with the smooth texture and variety of colors, especially when compared to other brands. Sullivans floss is made with 100% Egyptian Cotton, pre-washed and dyed with the best colorfast dyes. With more than 450 colors, there is a match for every project. Compare this high quality floss and see for yourself!

It is comprised of 6 size 25 easily separated strands, allowing you to adjust the thickness of your stitching by using a different number of strands.

8.7 yards in a pull skein.

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Showing 1–12 of 455 results