Kreinik Silk Serica

Kreinik Silk Serica is a 3-ply filament silk with a magnificent, rich sheen. It is a versatile silk thread that can be used singly as a fine twisted silk, or it can be separated for use as a highly reflective flat silk for more advanced stitching techniques (like Japanese embroidery, canvas work, laid work).

100% pure silk
10 meter, 3-ply spools
Use singly as a fine twisted silk or separate as flat silk
Dry clean only

Silk Serica is ideal for a variety of stitches in samplers, hardanger, crewel, stumpwork, crazy quilting, and needlepoint or canvas work. Use it straight from the reel as a 3-ply twisted thread for tent stitch, satin stitch, kloster blocks and other stitches that showcase its texture. You can also ply Silk Serica® into 3 plies (do not ply further) and use it as a flat silk. The thread, when plied, is rippled. Use a laying tool to keep the thread flat as you stitch, or use a slightly damp cosmetic sponge to relax the thread. You may also choose to leave it rippled, which is reminiscent of silk work in antique samplers. Use one strand of Silk Serica® as it comes straight off the reel in tent stitch on 18-mesh canvas or in a variety of stitches on 28- to 32-count linen or evenweave fabrics.

Both sides of the spool open; look for the side where the thread end is located. Insert your thumbnail under the cap, and rotate the spool while gently lifting the cap to release the thread (the cap should not pop off). Snap the lid shut to secure the unused portion.

Dry clean only.

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Showing 1–12 of 143 results