DMC Satin Floss

DMC Satin Floss

100% rayon fibers
Radiant shine adds interest to projects
6-strand, 8.7 yd skeins
Colorfast and fade resistant
60 solid colors

DMC Satin Floss brings exceptional beauty and sheen to all stitching projects. The shiniest DMC thread available, it is ideal for surface embroidery stitches and reflects light beautifully. Bring radiance to your designs with the satin range of bright and dynamic colors; or bring a soft touch by using the pastel tones available. Mix DMC Satin Floss with other DMC threads such as Light Effects, Color Variations or even Cotton Floss and Pearl Cotton for lovely contrast and effect.

Satin Floss is comprised of 6 size 25 easily separated strands and glides easily through fabric.  100% rayon fibers.

8.7 yd skeins.

DMC Satin floss is available in 60 shimmering colors. Color numbers match the retired Rayon Floss line (e.g., Rayon color 30800 corresponds to Satin color S800).

Made in France.

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Showing 1–12 of 60 results